Mint, Trade, Stake and Earn ADA

The First All-in-One Stablecoin Ecosystem Built on Cardano

What is Ardana?

Ardana is an asset backed stablecoin protocol and decentralized exchange stable asset liquidity pool built on Cardano. The stablecoin is overcollateralized with on-chain Cardano native assets and the decentralized exchange allows for highly capital efficient trading between stablecoins.

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Fully Decentralized

Unbiased, multi-collateral backed pegged to the US Dollar.


Allows users to borrow stablecoins against locked collateral.

Store of Value

A secure store of value that preserves value even in a volatile market.

Powered by Cardano

Built from the ground up utilising Cardano’s speed, scalability and security.


dUSD is a decentralized, on-chain collateral-backed cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar. dUSD is held in cryptocurrency wallets and is tradable.


An automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange for stable multi-asset pools. Danaswap achieves minimal slippage with 6-7 figure swaps when swapping between stablecoins or stable assets such as wrapped/synthetic Bitcoin. 

Ultra-low Slippage

Swap between stablecoins and stable assets such as wrapped/synthetic Bitcoin with minimal slippage.

Savings Account

Deposit Ardana stablecoins to earn passive income through interest payments.

Earn Trading Fees

Deposit your assets into a DanaSwap pool and earn a proportion of the market making fees collected.

Foreign Exchange

Swap between international stablecoins such as dUSD, dEUR, dGBP and more.

DANA Token

 The governance token rewarded to users for supporting the ecosystem through liquidity provision.


DANA token holders can participate in polling and voting to influence the development of Ardana.

Ardana has a world class team

Our team is comprised of technical talent, early contributors, students and ambassadors of reputable companies and blockchain projects such as Apple, Microsoft, Barclays, Citi Bank, Jane Street, Mina Protocol, Cardano, the Plutus Pioneers Program and Emurgo Academy.

Ryan Matovu


Serial entrepreneur in B2B/B2C sales and e-commerce.

Leadership positions in various Ethereum based projects.

Isaac Shapira

Chief Technology Officer

Founder of Platonic.Systems, a lead functional programming firm.

Senior software developer roles at various leading tech firms.

Derek Evans

Chief Operating Officer

20+ years in software leading business and government projects.

Private trader and fund manager in the financial derivatives market.

Bassam Awad, PhD

Chief Economist

Senior Economist and Head of Risk at the Central Bank of Jordan.

Multiple peer-reviewed papers on macro/computational economics.

Scott Franklin

Head of Strategy

20+ years experience in equity markets on Wall Street.

Capital raising and advisor to multiple blockchain projects.

Neil Tionson

Head of Design

Marketing coordinator for Five Group Pty Ltd.

Worked with brands such as Cadbury, San Remo.

Chetan Bafna

Head of Outreach

Fundraising facilitator to multiple blockchain projects.

Leadership positions in multiple philanthropic organisations.

Morgan Thomas

Blockchain Developer

Platonic Systems functional programming tech consultant.

Developed algorithmic trading systems using Haskell.

Nick Van den Broeck

Blockchain Developer

Masters degree in Theoretical Physics and research intern at CERN.

Founder of Tailer AI, bringing AI to the chemical/brewing industries.

Gregory Santini

Front-end Developer

Senior front-end developer for Apple and Evernote.

Experienced web developer and Solidity developer.

Marcin Bugaj

Blockchain Developer

Senior software developer for Logitech and Motorola Solutions.

Design and implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Jaime Caso Onzain

Blockchain Developer

Cardano ambassador and Cardano stake pool operator.

Genesis Founding Member and tester for Mina Protocol.

Andrzej Swatowski

Blockchain Developer

Game developer at Unity working on AI,UI and gameplay elements.

Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Warsaw.

Oleg Prutz

Blockchain Developer

Data Scientist for Genesys AI ‘Experience as a Service’ company.

Experienced functional programmer and Kaggle competitor.

Emma Dwyer


Risk analyst at Citi bank and analyst at Jane Street.

7+ years experience in investment banking and wealth management.

Noam David Elbaz


Crypto portfolio management and DeFi enthusiast.


Eden Ovadia


Full stack software engineer for Microsoft.

Software and programming, problems solving skills and attention to details.

Greg Nwosu


Big Data and infrastructure engineer for Barclays and RBS.

Senior Java developer for IG Index online exchange.


John O'Connor


Director of IOHK leading operations and projects in Africa.

Former Head of Strategy/Comms for Cardano Foundation.

Shunsuke Murasaki


Chief executive officer for EMURGO Indonesia.

7+ years experience in Asian markets in B2B overseas sales.

Darren Camas


Former senior advisor to Emurgo and strategy consultant for IOHK.

Founder of IPOR Labs, blockchain based derivatives software.

Joeri Van Geelen


Business advisor at Prysm Group DLT economic consulting firm.

Business Development advisor at Minterest cross-chain protocol. 

Yosef Shaftal


Executive director of the Israeli Blockchain Association.

Strategic advisor to startups, corporations and governments.

JD Gagnon


Founder of Benqi, liquidity market protocol on Avalanche.

Division director at IG Wealth Management.

Cal Evans


Cryptocurrency compliance expert with 50+ ICO/STO contributions.

British Blockchain Association board member.

Joao Santos

Venture Capital

Senior Principal at Mustard Seed Maze venture capital fund.

Mentor at the Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics.



David Post

Managing Director of Chainlink Labs

Dylan Dewdney

Founder of Kylin Protocol